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"Enjoy Your Boat: A Guide to Safe Boating" will make it easy for you to have the time of your life without any of the mistakes or the misinformation you might have come to expect from boating instructional guides and boating classes."


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How many times have you tried to try your hand at boating only to have something go wrong? Have ever you felt like you just didn't know or didn't understand what you were doing? Have you ever wondered if things could be easier if you just had the right tools to head out into the pristine waters? Wouldn't you like to create happy memories with your family instead of boating horror stories?


Maybe you just haven't had the right information, so that's led to troubles with handling your boat. Maybe you just aren't sure how to get started. Have you ever felt like you could be doing more or that what you've learned just wasn't enough? Are you ready to take your boating desires from dream into reality?


The good news for you is that no matter how confusing your past has been, "Enjoy Your Boat: A Guide to Safe Boating" is going to change the way you think about boating. Not only will you learn about the basics of boating, but you'll also learn specific tips on how to use specific boats in specific waters.


If you're ready to start boating and have fun doing it, "Enjoy Your Boat: A Guide to Safe Boating" is the sourcebook you need. No matter what you want and need to learn, I am going to give you the advice to get started right now and also some information you hadn't known before.


That is, until now.


First, we're going to go over the basics of the kinds of boats you may want to purchase:


  • Yacht
  • Ski Boat
  • Pontoon/Party barge


Knowing what you can use to get in the water will help you head out safely and securely.


But that's only the start of your boating education.


Since boating is often more about the boat in the beginning of your travels, "Enjoy Your Boat: A Guide to Safe Boating" is going to give you the tips that will help you make the right decision.


I cover the basic qualities of many boating categories:


  • Should you get a yacht?
  • Buying a ski boat
  • Buying a speed boat
  • How many people can fit on a boat?


But you need more than just what kinds of boats you can buy. You need to know what each of these boats can do for you.


Even if you've never been on the dock, or if you don't know where the best waters are, with “Enjoy Your Boat: A Guide to Safe Boating” you're going to gain the confidence you need to choose wisely.


So, where do you begin?


There are plenty of guidelines that you should follow in order to use your boat safely for yourself and anyone else you might be bringing out on the water with you.


In this book, you'll learn about:


  • Hauling your boat
  • Ski/cruise safety
  • Storing your ski boat
  • Where to store your boat
  • Commercial storage
  • Self-storage


But boating isn't just about buying a big boat. You also need to know what tools are going to help you move through the water smoothly and safely. In "Enjoy Your Boat: A Guide to Safe Boating" we're going to talk about how you can equip your boat for legal and safe boating.


My "In Addition" section covers:


  • All the extras you need
  • Licenses
  • Lights, bells, whistles


This section is geared toward helping you find the best tools for your particular skill level as well as your aspirations for boating.


Of course, you might want something a little different for your water adventures – perhaps a pontoon boat. You need to know all about this party boat so that you can enjoy them with your family – and "Enjoy Your Boat: A Guide to Safe Boating" will cover your party time too:


  • Hauling a pontoon boat
  • Cruise safety
  • How to store a pontoon boat
  • Commercial and self-storage



But there's still more!


But you can't forget about the accessories for a pontoon boat – and I haven't!


Don't worry, I'll talk about:


  • All the extras you need
  • Licensing these pontoon boats
  • Safety tips and guidelines


If you love to boat, you need to know everything you can to have a safe and healthy time… as well as a lot of fun.


Are you interested in Boating destinations?


In "Enjoy Your Boat: A Guide to Safe Boating" the information you'll learn is going to help you prepare.


  • Places to go
  • Public water
  • Private lakes
  • Rolling on a river


But you probably need more than that, right?


These days so many people are interested in boating during their next vacation, but I couldn't include all of the necessary information in "Enjoy Your Boat: A Guide to Safe Boating"


So, if you order a copy of "Enjoy Your Boat: A Guide to Safe Boating" I'm going to include my special report called, "Getting a Boat Loan: Tips, Ideas, Advice"


This 11 page report includes information on:


  • What is a loan?
  • Key steps
  • Where's the money?
  • All about loans, banks, etc.


I had so many great ideas about how to make a boat a part of your life that I just couldn't fit them into the 46 pages of "Enjoy Your Boat: A Guide to Safe Boating"


But what are you really getting?


Table Of Contents



Ski Boats
Speed/Performance BoatsS
Pontoon Boats
Deck Boats

Should you get a Yacht?
Ocean going or lake Yacht?
What does it cost?

What can this boat do?
Buying a Ski Boat
Buying a Speed Boat
How many people?
What does it cost?
Something Smaller

What can this Boat do?
Buying a small Pontoon Boat
Buying a Deck Boat
What does it cost?
Larger Pontoon/Deck Boats and Barges

What documents will you need?
Hauling your Ski Boat
Buying a Ski Boat trailer
Hauling your Pontoon Boat
Buying a Pontoon trailer
License, Registration and the law
National Marine Manufacturers Association
The Towing Vehicle

Life vests
Fun stuff (and other items)
Boat covers
Other Accessories
Safe Boating - Lights

Money and distance
Commercial storage
Why would you use a commercial site?
Self-storage at home

Places to go
Public lakes, Streams, Harbors
Private lakes
Rolling On The River




Here is an excerpt of the book



Looking at an example of a mid-size yacht might help develop a picture of what the luxury yacht is all about. This type of craft designed for ocean travel might be 65 feet long and have an engine with 200 horsepower or more. There will be accommodations for six people, plus a crew of two. This luxury yacht will have three or four sleeping cabins, two or three bathrooms as well as air-conditioning for the sleeping and eating areas.


Another example, this time with a larger craft, would be a 112-foot vessel with extensive living and sleeping quarters below, a full-length main deck and a top deck that includes the captain's bridge. This ocean going yacht would be very comfortable for eight guests plus crew of two, three or more. Among the amenities might be a queen size bed in the owner's suite, a full size bathroom and a galley (kitchen) that will easily serve a large number of passengers.


For those who will be cruising on a large lake rather than on the ocean, there are numerous luxury yachts ideal for this purpose. (Many of these same yachts can be safely used for some sea-going travel).


One design of a 40-foot craft includes an interior cabin that stretches nearly the full length of the vessel, from stateroom to sitting area. A similar yacht might have two cabins in this same space, making this craft suitable for four. The luxury design might include enough room for a tall man to stand upright comfortably and the cabinetry might be of top-quality cherry or another beautiful hardwood.


Most of the yachts in this size are also designed for performance, meaning that they are sleek in appearance and have sufficient engine power to traverse a large lake in very little time. For example, a 58-foot custom vessel might be very comfortable for Great Lakes cruising as well as for some sea voyages. As you proceed into this class of luxury yacht, you will not only find custom hardwood panelling and cabinets but also three staterooms, office space, icemakers, TV/DVD, double-sink galley, and fuel capacity for long trips.



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